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Ball and poppet check valves

6100 and 6200 series

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Process Control Equipment stocks a range of 6100 and 6200 series ball and poppet check valve fluid control components, see the full list of features and specifications below:

  • Prevents reversed flow to protect solenoids, regulators, and pumps.
  • Locks pressure in hydraulic cylinders.
  • Low-pressure inline relief valve.
  • Vent valve to purge a system.
  • Body material: 316 stainless steel, brass, Monel® R-405.
  • Maximum operating pressure: Stainless steel – 6000 psig at 70 °F (414 bar at 21 °C). Brass – 3000 psig at 70 °F (414 bar at 21 °C). Monel® – 6000 psig at 70 °F (414 bar at 21 °C).
  • Operating temperature range: Buna N – -40 °F to +200 °F (-40 °C to +93 °C). Viton® – 20 °F to +350 °F (-29 °C to +177 °C).
  • Orifice sizes: 0.187” to 0.422” (4.75mm to 10.7mm).
  • Cv factors: 0.3, 2.4.
  • O-ring seat provides leak-tight shut-off.
  • Internal design guides flow around or inside spring, not through coils, when valve is open.
  • All models are tested in production to assure a leak-tight body joint and seat.
  • Ball and poppet designs are available as standard.
  • Ball type provides effective leak-tight closure minimum flow resistance.
  • Poppet models provide large flows with a minimum of chatter and fluctuation.
  • Valves are available with various cracking pressures, from 1⁄3 to 25 psig.
  • 2-piece body permits interchangeability of end connections.
  • Special High Tolerance NPT Thread.

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PCE stocks an extensive range of ball valves, available in various sizes, materials, and ratings.

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